Don’t you just hate it when everybody seems to be filming the concert through their phones rather than enjoying it? Now imagine some douchebag brought an iPad.

Enter an All-American Rejects show in Cleveland over the weekend where a girl rocked up to a gig with her iPad, raised it in the air, and began to record the entire set.

Yes, this isn’t a typo. She actually thought it was appropriate to take an iPad to a concert. But she quickly learnt some manners the hard way when he ticked off the wrong person who ended up grabbing the device and smashing it to pieces.

The culprit? The lead singer, who gestured to the girl to hand him the iPad before smashing it on stage. “A girl in the front row had a brand new iPad,” an attendee said. “Tyson, the lead singer, took it and smashed it right in half.”

According to the eyewitness, the singer made it up to the girl by giving her $1000 in cash from the side of stage. But it wasn’t the only incident involving members of the band, who were clearly having a less than perfect day.

After frontman Tyson Ritter smashed the iPad, his guitarist Mike Kennerty turned on a photographer shooting for a local magazine. Kennerty smashed the photographer in the face, in a scene reminiscent of Odd Future’s assault of a female photographer at a festival in New Orleans last year.

“I had no problems all the way throughout the show until about the sixth or seventh song…next thing I know I’m getting hit by the guitarist Mike in the face while shooting a picture of him,” the photographer Jimmy Davis told Q104. “I’ve never been touched by an artist before so I was kind of really in shock at that point.”

“I called the Universal Music Group contact I had and I then I also called the tour manager who immediately came and got me and whisked me backstage. That’s where Mike came out…he apologized a bunch of times.”