It’s been a solid two days since Kendrick Lamar dropped his newest track, ‘The Heart Part 4′, in which he warned everyone that we’ve “got ’til April the 7th to get your shit together”. Fans were instantly intrigued as to whether this means we’ll be seeing his newest record coming at the start of April, but now, according to supposedly leaked documents, it looks that the new album has its tracklist all sorted, with a full list of production credits, too.

As triple j reports, a document entitled ‘KL-2017‘ has been supposedly leaked online. The document outlines the tracklist, production credits, and list of collaborators on Lamar’s new record. Keep in mind though, that until this document is confirmed, we can only speculate as to the accuracy of the details mentioned therein.

The document lists a total of 14 tracks on the new, as yet untitled album, and confirms a number of featured contributions from artists such as Anderson .Paak, André 3000, Kanye West, Q-Tip, and Thundercat, who also contributes bass to a number of tracks.

In addition to noting samples on the album from sources as wide and varied as Jimi Hendrix, Kool & The Gang, and Aphex Twin, a closer look at the documents also outlines a number of credited vocal contributions from artists such as Sampha, SZA, and BJ The Chicago Kid.

Whether or not these documents are legit remains to be seen, and if Kendrick’s cryptic messages are true, we could see his new album on April 7th. However, at this point we can only wait and see whether this all turns out to be true, or an elaborate hoax. Check out the rumoured tracklist, and Kendrick’s ‘The Heart Part 4’, below.

Rumoured Kendrick Lamar Album Tracklist

1. Purple Hibiscus
2. Counterfeit
3. Trust Everyone
4. Delusional (Like You Haven’t) (feat. Anderson .Paak & Anna Wise)
5. Product (feat. André 3000)
6. Richard Nixon
7. None Of Your Business (feat. Anna Wise, Kanye West & Q-Tip)
8. Double Standards
9. If You Had Me, You Lost Me (Interlude)
10. Commercialized, Failed Experiments
11. Ten Steps (feat. Bilal, D’Angelo, Thundercat)
12. Paranoia, Is Love Stronger Than Death?
13. Rest In Paradise (Interlude)
14. Swim With The Fishes (God Said)