We’d sleep better every night knowing that Liam Gallagher was inspiring humanity to consider the environmental implications of their actions. The other Gallagher has once again lent his vocal talents to something other than a generation-defining anthem, teaching those of all ages just what climate change is and how it’s impacting them, in a short ad named The Very Hot Snowman. 

“This is what climate change looks like. It’s affecting so many of the things we love, both here in our own backyards and around the world.” narrates Liam in the Christmas themed video as the stressed snowman makes its way through the rapidly changing seasons.

Check out Liam explain the scientific phenomena in the The Very Hot Snowman below:

The short ad is part of a campaign called The Climate Coalition who act as a collective for over 150 organisations fighting towards a brighter and less polluted future. You can donate here and give the gift of charity to your mates this Christmas (because doing you bit to save the world is a little more satisfying than another gift card, right?)