It’s one of the most famous rivalries of all time; Oasis vs. Blur. Back in the ’90s, you were either one team or the other, and there was no middle ground. The two groups were responsible for one of the greatest musical rivalries ever, and to this day, The Battle Of Britpop is still a landmark moment in musical history. Now that Blur’s Damon Albarn and Oasis’ Noel Gallagher have buried the hatchet, the famously outspoken Liam Gallagher is letting the world knows what he thinks of it.

You might recall though, the legendary Britpop rivalry came to a relatively amicable end back in 2015, when Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn joined forces to cover ‘DARE’, by Albarn’s other band, Gorillaz. The collaboration was brought about by the 60th birthday celebration of Paul Simonon, former bassist for The Clash, and thankfully, it lead to further developments, with Gallagher guesting on Gorillaz’s new record Humanz, singing on the closing track ‘We Got The Power’.

However, Noel’s brother Liam isn’t too happy about the two of them working together. A few days back, Albarn was interviewed by Vulture, and when asked about the track ‘We Got The Power’, he had this to say: “I thought it might be cute, the idea of us singing about the power to love each other. Of course, no one’s asked Liam what he thinks about the song yet. No doubt he’d have a fantastic one-liner about what a bunch of fucking knobheads we are.” Noel, however, was a bit more forward, stating “Listen, nobody gives a fuck what Liam thinks about anything.”

Albarn was right of course, because Liam took to Twitter right away to say his piece. “Now that dick out of blur and the creepy 1 out of oasis need to hang there heads in shame as it’s no dancing in the streets,” he Tweeted. One fan took issue at Gallagher’s comparatively tame insult, saying “You can do better than calling your brother creepy. At least potato was funny, albeit rude.”

After a mini-insult war with that particular fan, Liam turned his sights back onto Albarn and his brother, stating “That gobshite out of blur might have turned noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me nxt time i see him there’s gonna be war.”

At this stage, that’s all Liam has given us. At least this sort of war-mongering via Twitter is somewhat funny as compared to other events in the world. But who knows, maybe Liam is so bored with being an ex-Oasis member that he wants to be the centre of controversy in the world of music again? Maybe it’s a new marketing ploy for a new Battle Of Britpop? It looks like we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, have a listen to Albarn and Noel Gallagher performing together on Gorillaz’s ‘We Got The Power’.