Liam Gallagher is always great for an inflammatory quote or ten, something Twitter user Tony Rogers must have known when he poked the bear.

Some back story: Liam’s estranged brother Noel was announced as the support for the upcoming U2 show in London this weekend, news which obviously didn’t sit well with Liam, who referred to the band as “them bunch of beige fucks” and “toff rock”. He has a long history of slagging off Bono and co. – mainly due to the friendship between Bono and Noel. As Noel once remarked on Russell Brand’s radio show, Liam hates all of Noel’s friends out of principal.

Check out the tweets below, and catch Liam’s solo album ‘As You Were’ when it comes out October 6. Hopefully he found a bunch of new words to rhyme with shyyyyne.