Frenzal Rhomb have released a lyric video for the short, sweet ‘Classic Pervert’ – the second song we’ve heard from the band’s Hi-Vis High Tea album, out this Friday.

“I used to easily differentiate, when I took the kids down to the sea”, Whalley sings. “Now I don’t know if you play guitar, or if you’re a pedophile from the ’70s.”

It’s a charming blast of pop punk, and comes in at a tidy 38 seconds.

Hi-Vis High Tea is “a concept album about a whole bunch of different concepts”, according to the band, and was produced by Bill Stevenson from Descendents, who worked with the band on their last album, and Jason Livermore.

Frenzal Rhomb haven’t released an album since 2011’s excellent Smoke At The Pet Food Factory, so we are very keen.

Check out ‘Classic Pervert’ below. Check out their first single ‘Cunt Act’ here, as well as upcoming tour dates. And preorder the album here.