Indie-rock legend Beck has been a little bit quiet in the last few years. Since he released the Grammy Award-winning Morning Phase in 2014, all we’ve really had is a couple standalone singles. Now, it seems as though his new record is due out in just a matter of months, according to some leaked information.

As Stereogum reports, online retailer Bull Moose seemed to prematurely list Beck’s follow-up record for pre-order. The record, which looks be tentatively titled ‘Colors’, featured a release date of October 13th, and was available as both a regular and deluxe edition. No tracklisting was released, but the website also indicated the record was set to be released via Capitol Records, which is in line with Beck’s previous LP. Check out a screenshot of the listing below.

Screenshot of Beck's 'Colors' pre-order

Even more curious, is the fact that the listing is no longer available on the website. Surely this points at the details being announced prematurely, with the site being forced to pull the details, right? Well, at this stage we can only speculate, but it’s looking rather promising.

The most recent bit of music we got from Beck was ‘Wow’, which was released in June of last year. Some sources indicated that Beck’s new record was set for release in October of 2016, but was then pushed back to November. Nevertheless, we’re just keen for Beck to finally release this long-awaited record.

Check out Beck’s most recent single, 2016’s ‘Wow’, below.