Kicking off with a sound that, to listeners of ‘a certain age’ brings back immediate and tangible memories of amusement arcades and wagging school, Readable Graffiti make an immediate impression with the lead off track, “Feathers”; off their latest EP, Male Mood Swings. The Sydney outfit, exposed to the world via Triple J’s Home And Hosed, display a marked development in their sound and vision on this latest release.

Many influences and styles are on display on “Male Mood Swings”. The track “Sonny & Cher” recalls German bands like Can and Neu!, exponents of what was known as Krautrock in the early seventies, while also reminding one of the Euro Disco sound perfected by the likes of Giorgio Moroder.

While having an almost schizophrenic list of influences and inspirations, Readable Graffiti never come off sounding second hand or derivative. The most appealing aspect of  “Male Mood Swings” is the sense of identity and character that the band bring to what they do.

This is a truly excellent and exciting listen to one of the most promising bands this country has to offer in 2012.

– Neil Evans.