A man has died after consuming an unknown drug at a rave party at Mount Lindesay, near the Queensland/New South Wales border. Two others who are also believed to have taken the drug are currently fighting for their lives in a Gold Coast hospital.

The YewbuNYE party attracted close to 500 revellers over the weekend. Emergency services treated five people who were described as “behaving erratically” – two of them fled into the bush before receiving adequate treatment.

DJ¬†Zee Nagual, who performed at the event, told ABC he saw drug-takers who appeared to be “demonically possessed.”

“From my camp site, I was observing bunch of about four young people looking like if they’re demonically possessed”, he said. “There were four of them in a group together, but they were just erratically going around waving their hands and gibbering and yelling.”

The man who died is believed to have been in his 20s. Queensland Police told the media that testing of the drug is underway, and has been expedited.