Forgot all those sci-fi flicks about cybernetic implants, the future is here and it’s happening right now. An American has just become the first man to have an iPod surgically implanted into his arm.

‘What!? How does he charge it? Can he go swimming? What happens when he goes through airport security?’

All very sensible questions, and you’ll be happy to know that the digital music player has been made detachable.¬†The Sydney Morning Herald reports how¬†tattoo artist and body piercer, Dave Hurban, had four titanium studs surgically implanted into the skin of his forearm so he could magnetically attach his iPod Nano to his wrist.

“I just invented the strapless watch” joked the 21-year-old from Newfield, New Jersey, in a demonstration of his Nano set to clock mode.

“It’s way simpler than you think,” explained Hurban, who has even uploaded a (particularly grisly) ‘How To’ video to YouTube, after his unique implant was deemed a big hit at a tattoo convention in Baltimore.

“I must have talked to like 400 people individually,’ he said. “Every person I showed, they were like so amazed.”

Is this the future of portable music? Or just a foolish member of Gen-Y taking things too far?

If you’re in the former camp, then you can put your money where your mouth is (and subsequently your iPod where your wrist is), by viewing Dave Hubran’s YouTube tutorial below: