Earlier this month, PETA penned an open letter asking Hunters & Collectors to change their band name to a more animal-friendly option.

It was a cheeky, non-serious request, made to draw attention to the agonising slaughter of thousands of Australian waterbirds during duck hunting season, but it was met with scorn by many, who felt that PETA had gone too far.

Last night on Q&A, Hunters & Collectors frontman Mark Seymour was asked about the request – and no, they won’t be making the change, but they “won’t be shooting ducks either”.

“What they were doing was drawing attention to the fact that this activity takes place in Victoria for three months and it starts in the middle of March”, Seymour said. “And it appears that they’ve been quite successful in drawing attention to that fact.”

Read the original letter below the Q&A footage, and why not start picketing Eskimo Joe to adopt a more PC name while you’re at it? Now, that could be fun.


HUNTERS AND COLLECTORSAnimal liberationist group PETA have demanded that Hunters and Collectors change their name because it promotes the killing of animals. In the past, Aboriginal people were referred to as Hunters and Gatherers, are they required to change their Anthropological name to fit in with PETA’s demands. Also, my late Mother collected Avon bottles from the 1960’s. She loved being a ‘collector’. Does it now mean that the words ‘hunters’ and ‘collectors’ be struck from the English language when clearly they have murderous intent, according to the activists reasoning?What do you think?

Posted by Q&A on Monday, March 27, 2017