Since the introduction of smartphones, live music shows have been plagued with a sea of illuminated glow from eager punters trying to take unique photos on their phones no doubt to post on their streams of social media, and although we can all admit we’ve been guilty of this sin, it can be dang annoying – and thankfully, a punk rock icon has created a solution.

Introducing Marky Ramone’s Smartphone Swatter, a handheld creation that is solely designed to whack mobile phones out of any gigger taking a photo of a band onstage.

Explained in a hilarious vid, the 58-year old rock icon takes you through a couple of different examples when the simple Smartphone Swatter will come in handy, Marky saying, “I made a smartphone swatter by gluing a punk rock 7″ to a drumstick” as he hits “nerds” and “bozos taking selfies” at shows.

Ramone then offers up a solution to ensuring that the frustrating photo-takers never Instagram a gig pic again, which is by swatting away their mobile phone with his new book, Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone

Yes, sadly the Smartphone Swatter isn’t actually a thing you can buy from Marky, and yes, this is just a clever way to promote his written tome – but hell, we’ll forgive him, it’s a hilarious concept that could take off.

The autobiography has been received well by critics since its release a month ago, the legendary drummer sharing stories of both his and The Ramones rise in becoming one of the most important bands of not only punk rock, but musical history.

And if you’re a little cheesed that Marky isn’t selling Smartphone Swatters, he offers up a final piece of advice, “be a punk! Make one yourself” – not so hard, is it?

Check out the cracker of a vid below:

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