Since much-maligned ‘pharma-bro’ Martin Shkreli purchased the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang record Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the guy has basically been teasing fans constantly about when, if ever, they may be able to hear the otherwise-unreleased tracks.

Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive who infamously blew the prices of a vital medication sky-high and then proceeded to act like a smug prick about it, is perceived by many as a villain. However, depending on how you look at it, the guy is either doing a good thing by copping $2m US bill for the one-off recording and then promising to let others hear it… or he’s just continuously leveraging the record for his own gains.

Either way, he recently announced an NYC event named ‘An Evening With Martin Shkreli’, which promised a lecture first and foremost, but also the chance to finally hear some of his burgeoning collection of unreleased music.

Unfortunately, rather than questions, threats were sent instead. The whole thing was abruptly shut down by the venue due to a perceived threat, Shkreli announced – although the ticket listing is still up on Eventrbite.

So, sadly, New Yorkers won’t be hearing any incredibly rare Wu-Tang Clan this week, and no word has been given on when the next listening party may be announced and subsequently shut down.

It seems to be a common occurrence for the unpopular public speaker at the moment, with the announcement just a short while ago that another of his talks was almost thwarted by one of those famous Harvard punks.

Thankfully, he’s already released a few snippets of the album to prove he’s willing and able, so we’re confident the album will see the light of day – eventually.