2012 marks 10 years since Mat McHugh began independently releasing music under the moniker, The Beautiful Girls. It’s proving to be the most important year of McHugh’s career as he chooses to release this album for free download online (it’s on its way to 30 000) and is the second album under his own name.

Love Come Save Me is a collection of stripped back, acoustic stories to suit any person in any mood during any time of day. “Strange Days” will inspire a re-think on life with wise lyrics (“And if hate should be your weapon then death shall be your toll and if profit is your motive then emptiness your soul”), “Go Don’t Stop” will keep you company on the loneliest of days while “Breaking Your Fall”, a dedication to McHugh’s one year old son, will move even the most sedentary.

It’s easy to give likeness to other ocean-stirred musicians such as Jack Johnson, but McHugh rides an entirely different wave. The thought and layers put into each track belie the simplicity one originally may think.

Buying a physical copy (available at live shows) donates to The Surfrider Foundation.