In the annals of music history, you could look up plenty of reasons for gigs to be cancelled. Whether it be by getting your countries confused, for being run by Kyle Sandilands, or for being too ‘sexy’, there’s plenty of reasons, but Matchbox Twenty almost had to cancel their recent show in Arizona due to bees. Yes, bees.

As the BBC reports, the group were forced to postpone their show in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday night due to a swarm of bees that had taken up residency in the seating area of the venue.

Vocalist Rob Thomas first took to Twitter to share a simple, yet informative message that simply said “Holding doors in Tucson. Sorry. Bees. Really. No shit.” Fans of course were quick to respond to the situation on Twitter, before it got picked up by news sites such as the… uh.. Bee-Bee-Cee. Bandmember Paul Doucette even thanked the news outlet, stating “We made the mutha fukin BBC y’all. Thanks bees!”

After roughly an hour, the bees were able to be removed safely, before Rob Thomas took to Twitter again to thank fans for waiting around. He had previously stated that the venue was forced to wait for a beekeeper to come and emancipate the bees – not something you usually have to organise before a concert.

The BBC also noted though that the band were right to delay the show, due to the fact that two people in the state had died in the last week alone from bee-related attacks.

While the group did go on to perform the show in the end, we expect it’ll be quite some time before they encounter an experience like that again.