We all know you don’t need a massive budget and celebrity cameos to make a quality music video. There’ve been plenty of classic videos made with just a shoestring budget and one inspired idea.

In the case of Melbourne punk rockers Keggin, theirs was made with just a camera and 200 litres of goon. As the band points out, “That’s 1,500 Standard drinks in case you were wondering.”

Their latest music video for the aptly titled ‘The Goon Song’ is “a quintessential Australian anthem about cask wine” and you can consider it your invitation to join The Goon Nation.

The clip is the teaser for the band’s debut EP, Red, White and Spew, which includes other goon-based anthems like ‘Death Bag’, ‘Love in a Box’, and ‘Goon But Not Forgotten’.

Keggin’s debut EP will be available from 7th March via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Music via Noisehive publishing. They’ll be celebrating with a launch show at Melbourne’s Yah Yah’s on 2nd April.