Let’s be fair, for most musicians, playing the music you love doesn’t always bring in the big bucks. This is why when a musician has any of the gear stolen, their very livelihood is on the line. So it’s understandable to see why Foxblood have taken to Facebook to appeal for the public’s help after an incident on the final night of their tour.

As The Music reports, Foxblood had just wrapped up their first Aussie headline tour on Saturday night, before waking up on Sunday morning to find that their trailer, which they had borrowed from Melbourne’s Belle Haven, had been stolen. Thankfully, the van was empty at the time of the theft.

“What would have been a great end to our first headline tour last night, unfortunately took a turn for the worse when our trailer was stolen from Doncaster between 2am-8am,” the band posted on Facebook. “This has put us in a terrible financial position with our hire van also being damaged by a kangaroo, we’re pretty devastated about the events that have happened.”

“The police have been contacted and hopefully they’ll do all they can to help us, but any help spreading the word about this trailer or sharing this post would be greatly appreciated.”

Check out the band’s Facebook post below.

“We’ll most likely have to replace the trailer which will be a big hit to our bank accounts so any help with buying merch or our music would be a massive help that we’d be stoked about,” the band also wrote.

The band posted an image of the van and its distinctive paint job in hopes that anyone in the Melbourne area may come across it. So if you’re in Victoria and you happen to come across this van, be sure to alert local authorities, and you just might be helping out Foxblood in more ways than you could know.

In the meantime, check out Foxblood’s ‘Bittersweet’, below.