Yesterday we published a story claiming that music venue Eurotrash in Melbourne was shutting down due to problems with liquor licensing. It has since come to our attention that this story was inaccurate.

In the story we quoted an SMS sent around by owners of the popular nightspot promoting a ‘closing party’ which claimed the venue was closing down due to problems with the council.

This SMS has turned out to be a marketing gimmick that was unfortunately mistaken as a factual statement. Tone Deaf deeply regrets this mistake and makes a full apology.

Sometimes you get a story wrong, and in this case we got it very wrong. This inaccuracy was in no way intentional.

Owners of Eurotrash have informed us that they have big plans for the venue over the coming months as it goes through a transition, and that the venue will continue to operate.

Eurotrash has not had any problems with liquor licensing, and there are no disputes with the council. We encourage you to go down and enjoy upcoming events at the venue.

Despite the changes, according to the Eurotrash Facebook the venue will still be hosting Dumplings every Tuesday, and Checkpoint Charlie Comedy on Wednesdays.

Eurotrash Bar

18 Corrs Lane, Melbourne CBD, 3000

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