Cable Ties is a name that’s been echoing around the dimply-lit pubs and clubs of Melbourne for a little while now, a raucous three-person shout that’s pricked the ears of all who’ve heard it in the band’s short lifespan.

It’s exciting to see that, despite having only kicked things off in 2015, they’ve just found a home with local legends Poison City Records as they gear up to release their debut LP. It’s the perfect place for them too, seeing them nestled alongside the likes of Luca Brasi, Clowns, Screamfeeder, The Nation Blue, The Meanies and Smith Street Band in PCR’s formidable stable of noisy, noisy bands.

Having said that, Cable Ties are more than just a heap of noise – they’re one of the new crop of bands pushing for recognition for female and non-gender-conforming acts in a space that is, let’s face it, typically overwhelmingly male. Having helped in carving out an enclave of acceptance in the Melbourne scene, they’re ideal candidates to expand that space further and further with this new record, and the Australian music landscape can only benefit.

Their debut album will be out in May via, yep, Poison City records, but right now you can give their brand new track a spin below. If you want to see them live, Hobart fans can catch them supporting Camp Cope, (the other shows have of course sold out), and Melbourne fans can congratulate them at their hometown haunt Ding Dong Lounge when they support local legends Rocket Science on March 4.

Photo by Photoyunist via Cable Ties