Would you like to know what the closest thing to a musical orgasm is, since The Beatles’ mighty orchestral climax in “A Day In The Life”???

It’s Tehachapi and Planet Love Sound on stage together, gloriously heaving and thrashing in all their 8-piece visceral glory; and that is exactly what happens when the two bands come together to form “The Grunge Safari”. They will each be playing a set, and will then come together for a spectacular and epic celebration of life, love and music at the end of the night.

Two of Melbourne’s finest and most progressive live acts, Tehachapi and Love Planet Sound have already brought “The Grunge Safari” to Phoenix Public House earlier this month to rave reviews of their hometown gig, and now, they’re heading north to bring the love with two more dates in NSW to contend with.

Tehachapi & Planet Love Sound, two of Melbourne’s finest and most progressive live acts, are linked by friendship, blood, and a history of musical collaboration. Not only are the lead singers of the two bands brother and sister, but both Tehachapi and Planet Love Sounds’ EPs were produced by The Brothers Todd – a production team featuring Oscar Dawson and Joe Franklin (ex-Dukes of Windsor and current members of Planet Love Sound).

Tehachapi, led by the enigmatic Kosta Stefanou, is an introspective, lush, melodic and intense grunge/post rock band. Having released their EP Land Of Four Seasons independently in early 2012, the band has played a run of dates in support of the new release. Their single ‘Her Love Is A Mountain, Truth In her Fountain’ was #1 on the Airit Now Chart in April with huge community radio support nationally, and the video was Rage Indie Clip of the Week in February 2012.

Psychedelic/alternative band Planet Love Sound, led by vocalist Tina Stefanou, have been described as a blend of Radiohead, Fever Ray, and PJ Harvey. After forming in Melbourne, the band relocated to Berlin in 2009 and embarked on a journey that pushed them artistically and musically. With several support slots during their time in Germany (including shows with Canadian four-piece Holy Fuck, Karen Elson, and Warpaint), they returned to Australia for the summer of 2010/2011, touring nationally, and playing a series of sell-out shows in their hometown of Melbourne. ‘My Shadow’ from debut EP Part 1, with Part 2 due mid-2012, before recording their debut album and heading to the US in early 2013 to tour.


Wednesday 20th June – The Lass, Newcastle NSW

Tickets: planetlovesound.spinshop.com & thisistehachapi.com

Friday 22nd June – FBI Social, Sydney NSW

Tickets: planetlovesound.spinshop.com & thisistehachapi.com