City and Colour – Hope For Now (Seekae Remix)

Tone Deaf  exclusively have the first listen for a Seekae remix of a City and Colour tune. It seems like Dallas Green of City and Colour can do absolutely no wrong. Sydney 3-piece Seekae have remixed the already amazing ‘Hope For Now’. Staying true to the City and Colour’s sound, Seekae have added a new dimension to the  already amazing track.

Hope For Now (Seekae Remix) by tonedeaf

The Flaming Lips – You, Man? Human??? (ft. Nick Cave)

A tumultuous assailing from Wayne and his Flaming Lips, in a team up with Aussie music maestro Nick Cave, this fuzzy and furious number is a class offering of classic Flaming Lips sounds.  A culmination of crashing cymbals, rolling snares and guitar tones bordering of incoherent fuzz, all underpinned by the rambling, anecdotal poetry of Cave. Think Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2 after far too much caffeine.

Arctic Monkeys- Electricity

In case anyone hadn’t noticed, Arctic Monkeys have been working with Josh Homme and are all grown up. Josh’s influence on the band continues to reveal itself in this riff-based rocker. Alex is even starting to adopt that same disdainful nonchalance of Josh’s singing, almost understating the intensity of the music with his languorous vocals. Despite the obvious Queens of the Stone Age influences, Electricity further defines the path the Monkeys are taking as they continue to flourish as a mature and accomplished band.

Damn Terran – Rebels

A blistering rhythmic assault which doesn’t let up from the opening. Bassist Ali Edmonds sultry wailing breaks up a blisteringly angular noise-rock monster. The song takes a left turn into a muddy, wah infused bridge which recalls My Morning Jacket’s ‘Run Through’, of all things. Filled with pure rock fury, this onslaught of a song grabs the listener and doesn’t let ’em go.

The Fresh and Onlys – Do What I Came To Do

The Fresh and Onlys are set to release their first record for new label Mexican Summer later this year; their follow up to the fantastic Play It Strange. This track, Do What I Came To Do is an outtake from the new album, and if this song didn’t make the cut, it only suggests that what did is fantastic. Do What I Came To Do shimmers with jangly guitars and an infectious energy, along with instantly recognizable and enjoyable hooks. It’s just a shame that we’re getting music this bright as we head into Winter.

Buckley Ward – Into The Darkening Blue

Following in the footsteps of The Panics, Buckley Ward craft dreamy and affecting pop songs. Intelligent lyrics mesh with captivating instrumentation and engaging melodies and solid production. Into the Darkening Blue follows this mould, moving along with a bouncing rhythm, driving piano and engaging vocal and guitar harmonies. It’s also got a pretty memorable music video too.

Moby – All Sides Gone

Moby is getting lazy. His forthcoming album Destroyed Remixed, is a two-CD remix collection of songs off his own album Destroyed which was released last year. His latest release, entitled ‘All Sides Gone’ is pretty much what you’d expect from Moby; it’s multidimensional, emotional and just a little bit pretentious. Only it’s really pretentious. Clocking in at over half an hour, the song sounds like the backing track to an otherwise silent documentary about meditation. We just hope the insane amount of pretence leads Eminem to call him out on it and leads to another Eminem/Moby showdown a la 2002’s ‘Without Me’. Fingers crossed.

Bahamas – Lost In The Light
Bahamas’ new single off latest release Barchords is as sweet and sentimental as past releases. The song features beautiful backing vocals as well as the smooth stylings we’ve come to expect of Afie Jurvanen.

Bahamas – Lost In The Light by Canadian Blast

Howlin’ Steam Train – Ramblin’ Man

A four to the floor balls out blues tune. The chorus will invoke happy memories of when you used to enjoy Kings of Leon, and a riff that’s played so often it won’t soon leave your head.

Jonathan Boulet – This Song Is Called Ragged

Never one to shy away from extra percussion and a focus on syncopation, Boulet constructs this poppy tune around a melodic percussion line that repeats throughout. Don’t worry there are group vocals as well and plenty to sing-along too.  Look forward to seeing this one live.