Happy Wednesday! Today we bring you the long awaited and delayed track from Azealia Banks EP with the same title ‘1991’, the second single ‘Speed The Collapse from Metric who will be here in July, the dreamy upbeat single ‘Side By Side’ from local lads Gung Ho, new Tone Deaf favourite Now, Now’s ‘Thread’ who are currently on tour with The Naked and Famous and the comically titled ‘You don’t Need Muscles to Get Love’ from Melbourne act Love Connection.

Azealia Banks – 1991

The title track opens this hotly anticipated and much delayed EP from one of the most talked about upcoming rappers in the last year. Azealia Banks lives up to her lyrically candid reputation as she reveals her intentions; “I make hits for the fucking and I do it for free.” ‘1991’ is awash with sex appeal and sultry beats. Along with some distorted backing vocals Azealia only furthers her ‘dirty rap’ image.

Metric – Speed the Collapse

The second song to come from the Canadian bands forthcoming album, Synethica, is much more mellow than the lead single, Youth Without Youth. Front-woman Emily Haines sings in her trademark raspy vocals before the chorus ensures some form of remembrance with the “ah aha’s”. The song signifies Metric’s extension from 2009’s Fantasies with finely polished production and less overt guitar riffs.

Gung Ho – Side By Side

On the outset, it’s an upbeat, dreamy summer track, probably with a video to come filmed in Hipstamatic tone featuring step-through bicycles. Or maybe not. But then the lyrics are all about sad feelings and not being able to hold on. Skinny jean love lost. : (

Now, Now – Thread

Not really pushing the envelope in any direction, it’s another indie rock blip to join the rest. It sounds a bit like everything, but it’s got an addictive chorus that dips with nicely harmonised, melancholy sighs. Like Bazooka gum, sure, it’ll lose its flavour after a few chews, but you enjoy the kick while it lasts.

Love Connection – You don’t need Muscles to Get Love

The almost comically titled first track of the Melbourne qaurtet’s second album, Euphoria is a buoyant arrangement that illuminates with light guitar riffs. The song floats along at your standard dream-like pace. With the vocals filling the background, the sonic textures are given prominence here. Love Connection write in their bio that they “play and music and like to grow our hair long.” If there was any music that you wanted relax and grow your hair to, it would be this.