Mixtape #11 brings you collaborations, remixes and new music from Australian bands we love. So we start with the most exciting track of the week which is Childish Gambino featuring Beck rapping on his track ‘Silk Pillow’ and it’s a winner. Both with new records Ladyhawke and Scissor Sisters, the perfect time for a remix collaboration, Scissor Sisters remix Ladyhawke’s ‘Sunday Drive’. Next up Perth rockers Sugar Army with their catchy first single ‘Hooks For Hands’ from their forthcoming album, then the welcome return of Van She and their new track ‘Idea Of Happiness’ and last by not least soul daddy Bobby Womack and queen of the indie pop world Lana Del Ray with ‘Dayglo Reflection’.

Childish Gambino feat. Beck – Silk Pillow

Not just rap, but also a bit of dance, steering away from what many listeners stereotypically think and moving it into a more clever composition. The piano introduction continues over the vocals, making an interesting mix between casual rap style and a more classical melody. Every instrument emphasises the point the vocals are aiming to portray, with drums added for the more intense part of the track. Gambino has put a lot of thought into each sound to perfect his ideas.

Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (Scissor Sisters remix)

This remix gives Ladyhawke’s laid back style a bit of a lift with fast, catchy jungle beats. This combined with piano and Ladyhawke’s hypnotising vocals create one of the better dance tracks, that isn’t too complicated but has just the right amount of elements and layers. The Scissor Sisters know how to turn any song into a party tune.

Sugar Army – Hooks For Hands

Perth band Sugar Army bring you rock with a twist – a more subtle tune, with pop and indie vibes.‘Hooks For Hands’ sails on a steady stream throughout, with a bit of a capella emphasising the lyrics towards the end. Vocals dominate this track, guitar being their companion throughout.

Van She – Idea Of Happiness

Harmonious vocals that you just want to sway to and sing along with, over electronic sounds make for definite easy listening. Sure to be a big festival/club hit, pulling listeners in with it’s soulful melody. A variety of different feels all in the one track, dance, chill out and all that’s in between.

Bobby Womack feat. Lana Del Ray – Dayglo Reflection

Famed soul artist Bobby Womack teams up with Miss Del Ray in this tune filled with captivating vocals and beautiful melodies. A change from Lana’s usual pop/indie routine, this shows her vocal talent in a much rawer form. Definitely what pure, quality music is suppose to sound like.