It’s a rockin’ Saturday mixtape this week featuring Money For Rope, Nantes, The Laurels, Yunyu, Millencolin & Jimmy Hawke & The Endless Party.

Money For Rope – Misery Lane

During the verse this ‘Ten-Times’ B-side is the closest thing Money For Rope has come to a ballad. Led by Rick Parnaby’s synth and a driving percussive shuffle; when the song lifts right off it’s a swampy, sleazy little number. This sense of dynamics shows a maturity in Money For Rope’s songwriting, a step up from the one-dimensional barrage of ‘Easy Way Out’ (not that there was a problem with that, at all). Not as instantly gratifying as its A-side counterpart, but a glimpse at the depth of Money For Rope’s future endeavors.

Nantes – Unsatisfy

Unsatisfy is built around dark and tense rhythms and with heavy and shoegaze-esque vocals, Nantes ascend to a pulsating chorus. Fast from the outset the Sydney bands latest single fulfils as a dramatic alternative pop song. It is a taste of what’s to come from the outfits forthcoming debut album.

The Laurels – Changing the Timeline

The second cut from The Laurels’ upcoming record is a driving, sinister affair. Delving into ‘A Place to Bury Strangers’ territory with driving rhythms and a myriad of distorted wails and shrieks, The Laurels branch out with a real unsettling single. Unlike ‘Tidal Wave’, the album’s first single; ‘Changing the Timeline’ is kept short, packing enough under three minutes as possible. It hints at a darker direction for the band, can’t wait for the album!

Yunyu – Bluebeard 

Yunyu turns a dark narrative into a dramatic story-telling tune, describing it as, ‘a dark and chilling rendition of the exploits of real life Bluebeards.’ This fast paced track uses imagery so well, that you can picture the tale taking place, with lyrics, ‘run little lady, run little lady, run run run’. An interesting mix of a well thought out composition and an unusual subject create this unique piece of music.

Millencolin – Carry On

This Swedish band are back with some new music, and it appears to be just as good as ever. A mix of rock and punk work well to create this sharply put together track. The quick, scratchy vocals and rock rhythm of the guitar are sure to please Millencolin fans.

Jimmy Hawke & The Endless Party – A Heavy Feeling

If you click this track, make sure you have time for a couple of cheeky replays. Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party have laid down a warm, rolling blues track, that sounds lo-fi, but is rich in subtle layers of clever instrumentation – vintage guitar riffs, bongo rhythms, ‘70s style keys and a couple of glockenspiel appearances. Jimmy Hawk’s relaxed falsetto has tinges of melancholy, but remains carefree with declarations of “thank god for rock and roll.” Jimmy and the Party will be launching their latest album, Liberty Sunset Blue, on June 30 at the Toff in Town.