Major Tom and The Atoms – The House That Love Built

The egg shaker and bass intro gets the legs moving for this bluesy number that takes on a dark swampy feel with growling vocals. Complete with group vocal hoo ha’s and a smooth break down sax solo to get you in the mood in case they hadn’t already. The main riff becomes slightly repetitive but an entertaining track nonetheless from forthcoming EP Shake It Til You Break It.

Rapids – Shoppe Sorry

Sydney band Rapids offer up a taster of their new EP, Holland Air, in the form of dreamy, rolling track ‘Shoppe Sorry’. Wisps of psychedelia mixed with the echoing, drifting vocals of Jamie Timony are reminiscent of bands like Tame Impala, but the track is grounded in catchy vocal phrasing and evocative lyrics like “when the time’s right we’ll vapourise and rain back in the sea.” Sydneysiders, they’re playing FBI Social this Saturday 5 May.

TZU – Beginning of the End

TZU are back with a brand new album, and if you’re a fan – be warned – you’re gonna get something different. With a decision to move away from rapping, Joelistics says “the new stuff is really going to shock a lot of people I think. But for us, it’s the most rewarding music we’ve ever made.” The first single is ‘Beginning of the End’, a dystopian vision of a doomed planet complete with driving bass synths, marching snares and a choir that sends the message home. TZU will be kicking off their first Australian tour in three years this Friday 4 May.

Graveyard Train- I’m Gone

Melbourne locals Graveyard Train have a new album imminent, and if the first single is anything to go on its going to be a cracker. Since their previous release the band have taken a turn towards and fuller and more robust sound, employing a drummer to play in the group, now made up of seven members. The result? Fantastic! ‘I’m Gone’ is a raucous and roaring track forged on the incessant beat of the kick drum beneath an ensemble of cawing country guitars and rasping monologue vocals.

Lower Dens – Brains

This Baltimore noise-pop release their sophomore LP ‘Nootropics’ on May 1st, this song ‘Brains’, is the first song to drop. It’s airy synths and guitars swarm and built with blotches of noise over a steady krautrock beat. It’s a different type of psychedelia here. Kind of like Beach House’s nerdier, more subdued sister. A great headphone listen, there are some brilliant melodies here, and plenty of breathy vocals.