Happy Saturday and to kick start your weekend we’ve made you a mixtape featuring The Killers new track Runaways, Azealia Banks, Box In A Box, Polo Club, Smallgoods (who are sadly playing their final show soon) and The Soft Pack.

The Killers – Runaways

The Killers return with a retro style story telling tune. The vocals are reminiscent of the 80s genre that detail lyrics of care free youth and love. While going down a different path to previous Killers tracks, it shows their creativeness, and honest music making abilities. A band that are able to mix the ld with new, and make it work.

Azealia Banks – Neptune

The much hyped mixtape/album/more-than-an-ep-release ‘Fantasea’ from Azealia Banks dropped yesterday along with a new single  ‘Neptune’ which features Shystie. The up-beat track is the third released from the mixtape, with the previous two garnering much acclaim and play. Destined to be played over and over in clubs and at parties, Bank’s latest release doesn’t disappoint and is a good step forward from her previous singles off of her 2011 EP.

Boy In A Box – On My Mind

These guys get straight to the point with plain to see lyrics, ‘I can’t stop thinking of ya, I guess you’re on my mind’. Destined to be an anthem at parties and drunken occasions that help you delv into those romantic emotions. A welcome return for Boy In A Box.

Polo Club – See You Again

The Polo Club have got a winner on their hands with this catchy dance track. Full of melodic vocals over short, sharp drum beats, the contrast in this tune is what draws in listeners and makes it memorable. The song provides the same, steady goodness throughout, not needing to use any fancy tricks, as their real musical talent shines through.

Smallgoods – Tell Me What Your Heart’s Made Out Of

Smallgoods use this track to draw out the vocals into a choir-like folk tune. It’s extremely soft and subtle tones are ripe with emotion that creep sit’s way into listeners minds quietly and inconspicuously.

The Soft Pack – Saratoga
The Soft Pack’s eponymous debut and accompanying lead single, ‘Answer to Yourself’ made quite an impression back in 2010. The growl and harsh guitars of their debut have been replaced on the first single from their sophomore release. Instead Saratoga features more contained riffs, violins and refined vocals. The track is much cleaner production wise than their earlier material with the band choosing to forgo their raw elements. Entitled ‘Strapped’, their new album is due out late September.