As we’re super excited at Tone Deaf about the Big Day Out line up for 2013, we decided to dedicate a whole mixtape to it, to get you all in the mood. Our BDO mixtape includes Alabama Shakes, The Bloody Beetroots, Childish Gambino, ME, Sleigh Bells andGary Clark Jr.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

A gem of a find at the start of this year, the band made a huge splash at SXSW this year and have used the conference as a launching pad that has since seen them storm the charts in their native USA, and receive huge endorsements from an array of artists such as Foster The People’s Mark Foster and the always-cool Jack White. And what’s not to like about a rock band fronted by an overweight black woman? Much like their music it’s refreshing as fuck in a sea of cookie-cutter indie shite. A must-see at Big Day Out 2013.

The Bloody Beetroots – Rocksteady

The Bloody Beetroots are back in form, just in time for Big Day Out. Although they may not quite be top of the list, the electronic architects will surely be one of the biggest draw-cards on the day. Their most recent offering reeks with big builds, tempo shifts and ear-splitting synth distortion that only the Beetroots seem to be able to pull off. Customary oscillating screeches, deep-house bass lines and cone-snare cracks flood this tune, it wont just force you to dance, these guys will fuck you up, one of the best electronic dance acts on the planet!

Childish Gambino – Real Estate (ft. Alley Boy, Swank and Tina Fey)

Childish Gambino aka Troy from Community and Donald Glover from comedy land has us wet with anticipation, not only because it’s his first ever Australian tour, but his Royalty Mixtape and its slew of guests including the one and only Beck has reminded us why so many of us here in Oz have been waiting for the man to make an appearance. Glover -whose fans once rallied in a campaign for him to be the next Spiderman – is gangsta on the final track of his mixtape.  While Tina Fey ends the song with a hilarious rapping cameo, it’s very unlikely we’ll see her at BDO. But still, maybe we can hope for a ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’ intermission!

ME – Like A Fox

Local lads ME have spent the last 18 months or so making a serious impression on the UK music scene, and they return home triumphantly to play the Big Day Out. They blend a perfect mix of riff driven rock and dramatic pop, creating a sounds all their own. The vocals of Luke Ferris, showing an incredible range, soar above the group harmonies and heavy guitar laden riffs.

Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose

Sleigh Bells; do Noise Pop perfectly with the sexy vocals of Alexis and heavy driven guitars for Derek and the programmed metal drums. From their second studio album ‘Reign Of Terror’, an album that would live up to its name if elder people listened to it…. ‘Born To Loose’ is repetitive but catching with the right mix of rock riffs, slamming drums and killer vocals. Pack your earplugs for the BDO in 2013, because when these guys hit the stage, you’ll be needing them.

Gary Clark Jr – Bright Lights

2012 really was the year that talent outshone all others in music, and Gary Clark Jr is no exception. Cleverly picked up by Warner just as the buzz around the socalled ‘saviour of blues’ began , Clark has been setting audiences on fire in his native Texas and across the United States with his unique stew of blues, souls, and rock.Now Clark’s smooth voice and even smoother looks are melting hearts across the world, and more than a few are sure to be melted at Big Day Out next year. Guys, keep an eye on your ladies at this show.