Ariel Pink features this weekend as the only international on our mixtape, due to the fact that we just can’t deny all the amazing local talent with new tracks from The Frowning Clouds, Dads – Life, Oh Life (Jonathan Boulet Remix), Harts, Forty Thousand Sisters and Good Heavens. 

Ariel Pink – Only In My Dreams

Ariel Pink is back sans Haunted Graffiti and his new single ‘Only In My Dreams’ is entirely charming. The kind of love song only someone who is completely lonely could write, it’s equal parts 60s Brit-pop and California-sun-pop. This single is the perfect soundtrack for a lazy winter day.

The Frowning Clouds – Propellers

The Frowning Clouds are doing something countless other Aussie bands have unsuccessfully tried to. Their entirely 60s sound is a throwback, but it’s never kitsch or contrived. Their new single ‘Propellers’ is a great example of this and the chill love song is bound to end up on a bunch of compilations this summer.

Dads – Life, Oh Life (Jonathan Boulet Remix)

Dads is the solo moniker of Big Scary strummer, Tom Iansek. Jonathan Boulet is Sydney’s rhythm-loving maverick. Combine the two and you’ve got a wonderful remix that plays to the strengths of both. The gentle vocals, lush instrumentation of the former blended smartly with the down-tempo colouring and spirited invention of the latter. A winning remix that reinvents its source material with character and panache.

Harts – All Too Real

The local Melbourne musician, who records his tunes from his bedroom studio, has produced this energetic piece of magic. A little bit of rock, electro and pop combine to create a feel-good dancey tune. Harts kicks off the official single launch for ‘All Too Real’ on July 25 at The Toff In Town.

Forty Thousand Sisters – I Used To Be An Astronaut

Great early 90’s sound with an almost Sonic Youthish vibe. ‘I Used To Be An Astronaut’ is the first single off Forty Thousand Sisters great new album. This track has the perfect mix of a low fi recording with with fuzzy guitars and post punk/no wave vocals from both Ferny Taylor and Dyana Gray towards the end of the song. If you dig your 90’s music then check out these guys at Ding Dong in Melbourne on Friday 3 August.

Good Heavens – It’s Not Easy Being Mean

The debut single from up and coming band Good Heavens features the whispery vocals of Sarah Kelly, backed by some hearty guitar and drums. With the members previously being part of other musical projects, theredsunband and Wolfmother, their separate experiences allow them to create a new project with diverse musical influences. ‘It’s Not Easy Being Mean’ is the lead up to the band’s record Strange Dreams, to be released on August 17.