Today’s mixtape marks the return of Regular John with their killer new track ‘Slume’, new tracks from Deerhoof, Matthew Dear, Animal Collective and Dum Dum Girls. A bit light on the homegrown acts today, but we promise to bring you more for our next mixtape.

Regular John – Slume

An immediate wave of grungy guitars and hushed vocals usher in ‘Slume’. The track has slight psychedelic tendancies, it’s mellow fuzz oozes a nostalgia feel that isn’t soon forgotten. The Sydney bands second album, ‘Strange Flowers’, is set for release sometime this Spring. ‘Slume’ is far more softer than anything from their debut album, ‘The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb’

Deerhoof – The Trouble with Candyhands

Deerhoof have described their new album, ‘Breakup Song’ out in September, as “Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music”. The four-piece are back with their weird brand of rock on their 11th studio album. They’re suitably in fine form on ‘The Trouble with Candyhands’; a jazz infusion of energetic pop and suave guitars.

Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix)

Californian electro two-piece Poolside have released a remix of Matthew Dear’s latest single ‘Her Fantasy’.  Dear, who many regard as this generation’s answer to Brian Eno, recently released the first track off his upcoming album Beams. Poolside’s remix is decidedly (and surprisingly) more moody and down tempo than the original song.  While it’s bassier and slightly more solemn that Dear’s release, it still manages to retain and captures both  artists’ audible sensibilities. Amazing remix.

Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural

‘Today’s Supernatural’ is a great title to begin with. The track is surprisingly not as left of centre as one would expect from Animal Collective… The song definitely makes you feel like you’re swirling around, possibly on a magic carpet ride, a really dreamy magical carpet ride. Avey Tare’s vocals wave between husky rock and tripped out  computerised goodness. Great first single from their upcoming release.

Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows

‘Lord Knows’ is the new track from Dum Dum Girls forthcoming EP to be released in September. It was recorded in 2011 and 2012 with Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes and Dee Dee’s longtime producer Richard Gottehrer. The beautiful rock ballad seems to give listeners a glimpse inside Dee Dee’s personal life…. The vocals stripped back and cruise along opening out into a luscious chorus. Hurry up September so we can hear the rest of the EP.