Welcome to your weekend winter ear warmer that features Londoners The XX, Melbourne’s TZU, The Demon Parade, Warrnambool’s The 80 Aces, NY based High Highs and Cat Power’s Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix).

The XX – Chained 

There’s something mesmerizing about “Chained” – the waspy, whispering vocals and music that’s soft but influential. The emotional value of the track definitely shines through, and although the nature is quite mellow, it still communicates a strong vibe.

TZU – Beautiful

TZU have just released their latest track “Beautiful” – the lyrics are quite intense and poetic, delivering a story about a lonely elderly man and what haunts his past. It seems there’s more to TZU than the ears may expect.

The Demon Parade – She’s Gonna Be A Star

How many more great psychedelic rock bands can Melbourne produce? We have so many and The Demon Parade are certainly amongst the best of them. ’She’s Gonna Be A Star’ is the first single off the bands forthcoming EP ‘Feathers’. This song ticks all the boxes with capturing the 70’s rock n roll vibe;  groovy guitars, catchy good time vocals about a pretty girl,  and swirling organ sounds. Catch them at The Workers Club in Melbourne on Saturday September 1.

The 80 Aces – Magic Shoes

Hailing from Warrnambool, 4-piece pop rock outfit, The 80 Aces have produced a fine first single ‘Magic Shoes’ from their new EP title “Dollars”. Mixing fast pounding rock drum beats and deep driving lead vocals, layered with pop driven backing vocals throughout the song, makes it a fun and catchy song to sing along to.

Cat Power – Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

For those who are used to hearing Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) sound entirely bluesy, this track may come as a sort of surprise. Luckily, the surprise is a pleasant one. Marshall’s husky, soul-filled voice is put to great use on this track which pairs the vocals with a synthy backing arrangement. Remixed by Chilean-American Nicholas Jaar, this song is bound to earn Ms. Marshall some new fans.

High Highs – Open Season

Bound to get you in the mood for warmer weather, ‘Open Season’ by Brooklyn-based band The High Highs is all pretty harmonies and summons images of laying by the beach and having fun with friends. This is most definitely soundtrack music.