Once again very Australian heavy, with brand spanking new tracks from Ade/Syd duo Collarbones, The Murlocs, The Galaxy Folk & The Delta Riggs. Not straying too far from our fine shore, we’ve added a track from New Zealand’s Luger Boa and last but not least heading further away to Sweden with Jens Lekman’s new single.

Collarbones – Missing

Along with the announcement that the duo would be bringing their cultured live show to Melbourne Music Week, electronic sophisticates Collarbones also revealed the first aural serving of their forthcoming album, Die Young. The reedy synths and focussed percussive track of ‘Missing’ slowly enrapture, but its the soul-blessed vocal that is the track’s key element. Recalling both Sydney’s chilltronica wave and the emotive baring of Frank Ocean’s searing R&B storytelling.

The Murlocs – Manny’s Bar

Ocean Grove natives and King Gizzard affiliates The Murlocs have just released the Tee Pee EP, their latest in a string of stellar releases in a short span of time. Packed with the classic R&B swagger the young lads are famed for, the EP is brimming with equal parts jangle and fuzz. Sitting atop the noise is Ambrose Kenny-Smith’s brazen vocals and sweltering harmonica. Sounding not altogether unlike Janis Joplin, he squeals and shrieks and wails, and there’s no better example than on Manny’s Bar.

The Galaxy Folk – Daze of Days

Melbourne bedroom shoegazers The Galaxy Folk have released their most recent breathy track Daze of Days on their Soundcloud. It’s breathy, blissful and full of melancholy. Airy guitars and reverb-drenched vocals combine intertwine to create a track perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

Jens Lekman- I know What Love Isn’t 

Lekman has perfected the art of the tragic love song, managing to put Belle & Sebastian to shame with his latest track ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’. Complete with a 60s piano melody and a string section,  and even a (admittedly, utterly twee) flute solo which lasts the better part of a minute. Lekman’s adorable vocals  top off  a track that would make the perfect addition to any movie soundtrack.

The Delta Riggs – Mary

Mary, the third single taken from Talupo Mountain Music Vol. II, it features Ian Peres (Wolfmother) on Keys + Kathleen Snuball & Ebony King on BV’s. This is a sultry soulful track that certainly adds another dimension to The Delta Riggs and has a massively international appeal and sound. Swamp rock at it’s best. Make sure you check out these guys live too!

Luger Boa – Astroids & Satellites

Taken from New Zealand’s Luger Boa’s second album ‘New Hot Night’, Astroids & Satellites is fast paced pop/rock track, with semi spoken-word verses that collide into a catchy chorus with a killer hook, taking you on what feels like a magical mystery ride!  Hope they release this as a single. Catch these guys plays shows in Australia on the 17 & 18th of August.