Musicians writing tracks for video games is always an interesting listen, especially when it’s Beck. We’ve added ‘Cities’ for you to check out, along with new tracks from Mumford and Sons, Ty Seagull, Sleep Decade, Kingswood and Muse doing their take on dubstep…

Beck – Cities

Considered one of the most unpredictable men in music, Beck is back and has released three tracks, which he specifically recorded for the PlayStation 3 game ‘Sound Shapes’. Our pick of the three is ‘Cities’ in which Beck samples video-game sounds and injects his iconic melancholy vocals into the song. Matching the game’s visuals to a tee, this track proved that Beck can make music for pretty much any medium. We wonder if he’ll perform these new tracks when he comes out for Harvest?

Mumford And Sons – I Will Wait

Mumford’s new track ‘I Will Wait’ brings back to listeners the talented vocals of Marcus, although they appear to be less melodic and more husky, with a rawer edge. Once again, we hear a feet-tapping guitar that keeps the song on track.

Ty Seagull – The Hill

The first single from Ty Seagull’s third album, ‘The Hill’ starts off slow with beautiful vocal harmonies from Ty and a mystery female before quickly bursting into a garage version what a modern day Beatles might possibly sound like. Throw in some 90’s guitar feedback coupled with a Jimi Hendrix guitar sounding solo and you’ve got a killer track on your hands. Look out for the release of ‘Twins’ in September!

Sleep Decade – Bicycle

It’s all about Double A-Side single’s right now! ‘Bicycle’ is the first single from Sleep Decades forthcoming album ‘Into Spinning Lights’, produced by Nick Huggins and vocalist Casey Hartnett. This track immediately has a real Ben Lee vocal vibe about it; down to the lyrical delivery from Hartnett, as he wears his heart on his sleeve. The simplicity of the production draws you into really listening. Definitely a band to keep an eye on checking out live.

Muse – Unsustainable

Going in a completely different direction, Muse have released their latest track, ‘Unsustainable’ – a mix of traditional Muse sounds, grand melodies and dramatic vocals combined with electronic, dub step influences. Chances are, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Kingswood – Medusa

‘Medusa’ is the second single from Melbourne four-piece rock band Kingswood. Having just won the Triple J unearthed slot which saw them open Splendour In The Grass, these guys just continue to go from strength to strength with another killer track. Raspy screaming vocals, pounding drums, dark lyrics and rockin’ riffs, this is one band you should not miss live.

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