Completely by accident we have chosen all Australian acts for this weeks mixtape featuring: PVTTigertown, The Trouble With Templeton, Number Station, Black Lakes & Damn Terran. 

PVT – Shiver 

The opening track from the Sydney trio’s forthcoming third studio album demonstrates a shift towards something more willingly gorgeous. ‘Shiver’ bends their intelligent ability to synergise swelling grooves and  dark thrills from urgent throbbing pulses towards something more delicate but no less hypnotic. Richard Pike’s timid, processed vocal laps gently against a cylcing, arpeggiated synth as the track balloons like a digital flower.

Tigertown – Morning Has Finally Come

Sydney-based band Tigertown are a musical outfit that know how to produce chilled-out pretty tunes. With  beautiful vocal harmonies and a laid-back yet catchy percussion, ‘Morning Has Finally Come’ showcases what their sound is about perfectly. Making use of their multi-skilled members, this latest release sees this family band (four of the members are siblings) let the ladies take the vocal reigns which serves their sound well. Having just finished up their national tour with much success, Tigertown are definitely ones to watch.

The Trouble With Templeton – Six Months In A Cast 

The expansion of The Trouble With Templeton from the solo moniker of the precociously gifted Thomas Calder, to a fully fledged 5-piece finds his gothic folk introspection equally ratcheted up to a chilling, cinematic sound worth of his vision. Frantic yet focused, it’s drama builds around Calder’s furtive voice – both lyrically and sonically. Be sure to stick around for the song’s ghostly final act!

Black Lakes – Common Song

Sydneysiders BLACK LAKES are inspired in their songwriting by classic Australian rock of the likes of The Church and Paul Kelly. Listening to the first single from their forthcoming record and it’s easy to see these influences shining through in their competent guitar rock styling. “Common Song” is the perfect name for the tune, featuring marching 4/4 snare and tom drum beats ornamented with singing slide guitar licks and languorous vocal storytelling that allows its competency to speak for itself, with subtle but effective instrumentation culminating in enjoyably pleasant simplicity.

Number Station – Everything Will Change

Melbourne band Number Station have certainly hit their stride with their new single ‘Everything Will Change’. Former unearthed winners who took some time out to make some new super slick sounding tunes and its been worth the wait. A perfect mix of jangly guitars and laid back vocals all held together by a catchy chorus. Can’t wait to here more from these guys. Catch them at Revolver on Saturday 22 September.

Damn Terran – Pills

Another killer track from Melbourne post-punk rockers Damn Terran, ‘Pills’ features guest vocals from Shane Parsons of DZ Deathrays. Straight up in your face garage recording at it’s finest and only 2.17 in length, hard and fast with classic lyrics about taking the consumption of the social pill.  Catch these guys touring in October.