Sigur Ros – Varúð

The Icelandic band know a thing or two about creating songs with exquisite arrangements and ‘Varúð’ only adds to that sentiment. The song is nothing short of beautiful and with a build towards thrashing drum beats it also borders on epic. Valtari, which translates into steam roller in English,  is the band’s sixth studio album, out May 28th. ‘Varúð’ is the second song to appear online from the album, after lead single ‘Ekki Múkk’ and it already looks as though the band have another gem to add to their already distinguished discography. 

Bonjah – Fall Together

Bonjah’s latest release ‘Fall Together’ stays true to the laid-back form fans have come to expect of the  5-piece Melbourne-based band. The song is heavier on percussion than some of Bonjah’s previous releases, but the loose sounds of the bluesy boys are on point and will surely prove popular with the band’s growing fan-base. After the success of last year’s Go Go Chaos Bonjah have been climbing from strength to strength and their latest single is a testament to this.

Deus – Constant Now

Everyone’s favourite Belgium band is back. After having been together for over twenty years, their latest album Keep You Close having recently been certified platinum. ‘Constant Now’ stays true to the band’s original sound, but twangy guitars and modern synth sounds keep the sound fresh, if still a little dark.  Lead singer and chief songwriter Tom Barman switches between spoken word and melodic singing seamlessly and the well produced, simplistic instrumentals provide the ideal backing track to his deep, pensive voice. A great track.

I, A Man – Chores

A steadily rolling and building indie pop tune from Melbourne boys I, a Man. The early finger picked guitars ease you in before the drums take over with a complimenting beat utilizing the whole kit. It’s simple in structure and steadily builds for a wall of sound in the final chorus, epic in all the right ways.

Expatriate – Do You Remember

Seemingly fallen off the face of the earth after their debut album, In the Midst of This, was released in 2007 the Sydney based indie rock band relocated to Germany and toured countless festivals across Europe.  The band poses an appropriate question for their comeback single-of-sorts as their fans reacquaint themselves with the band. Expatriate have polished off their sound as ‘Do You Remember’ is awash with synth before lead singer Ben King rips into a nostalgia powered chorus.  The four-piece will release their second album, Hyper/Hearts later this year and are touring nationally this month.

Kate Martin – Apples

One year on since the release of her first LP, ‘Synthetic Shoes, Leather Boots’ at nineteen years of age, Kate Martin has been busy developing her new sound. With the help of a new Stratocaster and backing band The Shallow Sea Choir, she’s ready to share it with the world. The first single off her sophomore album is ‘Apples’, a sweet indie-pop tune packed with lush harmonies, lovely builds, and a twittering flute. There’s a brand new video attached that ticks all the indie boxes: a band road trip (check), exploring nature with faces of innocent wonderment (check) and a picnic (check).

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