It’s the middle of the week and we have some great tunes to get you through to the long awaited weekend! Starting of with a duo vibe we have new tracks from Melbourne hip hop crew Diafrix, London duo AlunaGeorge and a debut for yet again another duo Château. Moving into full band line ups we also have tracks from City Calm Down, ME and The Pretty Littles.

Diafrix – Easy Come Easy Go 

Another foot tappin’, soulful track from the Melbourne hip-hop duo, Diafrix, whose new album – ‘Pocket Full Of Dreams’ oozes with nothing but quality; and this track is no exception. From the skanked up guitar to the melodic chorus, the track is nothing less than a cheerful pick up, suitable for any occasion. Emcees Momo and Azmarino have re-instated the Afri-hop genre as a fan favourite.

AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

AlunaGeorge are a London-based duo that you should already be talking about. Their single ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ has  been making tracks all over the blogosphere and has already seen two high-profile remixes from The Prototypes and Lil Silva respectively. Taking the best facets of 90s pop and mixing it with very of-the-moment ambient-electro, AlunaGeorge are a pop act worth shouting about.

Château – You Need Her

‘You Need Her’ is the swinging sixties influenced debut from Melbourne duo Château. Recorded at Melbourne’s Hothouse Studio and mixed and mastered by Cam Trewin, ‘You Need Her’ is the soundtrack to a perfect summer boasting of acoustic guitars teamed with sweet melodies and toe tapping, head bobbing drum beats. It’s hard to not groove along to this song.

ME – Westward Backwards

The closing track from the theatrical Melbourne-via-London rock band’s newly-released  Another Story High EP finds the group siphoning the best parts of The Beatles, Muse and Queen into a dapper singalong of crunching ‘Tchaikokroksky’, sweeping symphonic flourishes and grand antics. Me are sure to wow the Big Day Out crowds when they make their 2013 homecoming appearance – as you were gentlemen.

City Calm Down – Pleasure & Consequence

With the first track from their “Movements” EP, City Calm Down haven’t taken their band names advice… If by city they mean themselves. The bands four minute electronic post-punk inspired track implies a darkness you’d hope for and provokes a groove you quite immediately fall in to. With vocal inspiration seemingly strung from Ian Curtis it’s pretty hard to pick their Australian upbringing. Pleasure & Consequence doesn’t take long to absorb and with a consistent Joy Division vibe the track moves along slowly, but not to slowly. The songs production hint’s to a well produced EP with a sound you think you’ve heard before but surely haven’t.

The Pretty Littles – Mumma

Melbourne band The Pretty Littles have delivered the first single ‘Mumma’ from their forthcoming EP ‘I’m Not From A Small Town’ and it’s a crackin’ dirty garage rock track that hits hard and fast with husky vocals and the classic whoa, whoa, whoas and heavy drums that all our favourite rock n roll tracks have. Catch them launching their EP in Melbourne at Ding Dong on Saturday 6 October.