Exciting new tracks this weekend from afar and on a local front. Frank Ocean kicks off our mixtape with his new track ‘Blue Whale’, followed by the first single from Henry Wagons new album featuring Alison Mosshart of The Kills, local lass and the wonderfully soulful MaxiSincerely Grizzly from Adelaide are next up, Horror My Friend and The Tiger & Me. Happy Weekend!

Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

Hip-hop/R&B man Frank Ocean recently posted this unreleased track to his Tumblr page. Interestingly, the track wasn’t accompanied by any explanation or production details. The song features slow bouncy beats and basically feels like a cool swagger across a sizzling beach somewhere. Once again, Ocean proves his way with words and reminds us all that “Life goes on… that’s one thing about it”.

Henry Wagons ft. Alison Mosshart – Unwelcome Company

Henry Wagon’s latest offering is a haunting and triumphant tune that unfolds with just the right amount of mystique and intrigue to hook you into the intense drama of the track. Wagon’s smoky croon is reminiscent of a time when our rock stars were mysterious enigmas, as he trades lines with guest vocalist Alison Mosshart whom adds spice to the western romp. Unwelcome Company’s is an ode to the lost theatrics of rock and roll, yet never crosses the line into melodrama as it asserts a sense intimacy and sincerity. Wagons is gearing up towards a tour which launches in November, and is quickly proving himself a must see.

Maxi – From The Start

Melbourne-based songstress Maxi’s newest musical offering, ‘From The Start’ is something special. Rife with catchy, jangly percussion, and an on-trend jazzy horn section, the song is tied together by Maxi’s soulful, powerful voice. Complete with a vocal breakdown, which serves to highlight Maxi’s amazing pipes even more, the track is bound to have people putting down their drinks and busting a sassy move come summertime. We can’t wait to hear this one live!

Sincerely Grizzly – Isaac

Adelaide three piece Sincerely Grizzly are certainly doing their own thing with new single ‘Isaac’. Throw in a little Cloud Nothing’s with 90’s Polvo moments, (not that the band probably even know who they are) and you get this simple and short  track with interesting twangy guitar breakdowns, honest lyrics and stripped back production. Currently on the road with The Medics and I, a Man these guys are worth checking out live for sure!

Horror My Friend – Life Blood

Having supported the likes of DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor and Damn Terran, you’d expect Horror My Friend’s new single to be in the same garage rock vein, right? Oh, so wrong! ‘Life Blood’ has the same aggression and vitality with its crunching guitars and angsty drums, but there’s a spit and polish here that belies those influences. Closer to 80s-era Sonic Youth and the noisy Die Die Die!, Horror My Friend are equal parts catchy and angsty. Ones to keep an ear on, for sure!

The Tiger & Me – Pantomime

The first cut from upcoming The Tiger and Me full-length, The Drifter’s Dawn straddles the band’s usual folk-pop blend. “Pantomime” is an uplifting number with stirring violins and a healthy dose of handclaps. Violinist Jane Hendry takes a turn on lead vocal, her delicate voice posing the all-important question: “Don’t you know you could be losing your mind?” The band joins her at the mic during the chorus, their gorgeous harmonies serving as the big radio friendly hook. All in all, “Pantomime” sounds like it would fit nicely on a Feist album. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.