We are extremely happy to welcome back the vocals of Josh Homme this week on his new track ‘Nobody To Love’, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. We also have new tracks from Londoner Dan Bodan, blues guru Gary Clark Jr. and Melbourne artists Bored Nothing, Royston Vasie and Atolls.

Josh Homme – Nobody To Love

In perhaps what is a taste of things to come, QOTSA front man Josh Homme has co-written a track for new movie End of Watch with the films composer David Sardy. With typically crunching low-end guitars and bass, the song follows a simple structure but builds with Homme’s deep distinctive vocals on top of the slightly held back beat. The stand out here is of course Homme’s vocals and it is a welcome return to our ears, it simply oozes rock n roll.

Bored Nothing – Bliss

‘Bliss’ is taken from Bored Nothing’s self-titled debut album, due for release in early November. A new signing to Spunk Records Fergus Miller has recorded and produced this lovely single that is rather like it’s title Blissful. It’s a stripped back but still a lush sounding 5-minute laid back pop track with layered vocals and chiming guitars. This tracks definitely leaves wanting to hear the rest of the album.

Gary Clark Jr. – Numb

He was at The Tote only a few nights ago, and today he’s released the second single off his upcoming album Blak and Blu, which comes out October 22. It’s sloppy, it’s messy and it’s distorted as hell. ‘Numb’ will force you to groove whether you like it or not, and with a laid back beat, splashy cymbals, and a massive sound generated mostly from the electric guitar, it roams in a different direction to the album opener ‘Ain’t Messin ‘Round’. “Yeah I know, Yeah woman I can’t feel a thing”, is the care free lyrical hook that drops in and out of focus, with Jr.’s vocals swapping center stage half way through to make way for a glorious guitar solo. This man’s soul truly leaks out of his fingers, much in the same way it did with Hendrix.

Atolls – Water

From King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard comes Lucas Skinner, along with friends Oli Grinter and Sam Ingles, and the new project called Atolls. They’re releasing music that will guide many through the warmer months. New single “Water” carries familiar, fuzzed out garage rock, yet remains fresh after multiple listens. If you need a reference, liken them to Ty Segal or Pond but the fact is that there’s never enough swirling, hazy, pedal-pushing bands broadening this rock n roll genre once reserved for surfers and skaters in 1970s California. Atolls do it perfectly. “Water” will keep you under its depths with its off-kilter harmonies and drawling, no-effort guitar riffs. They will make you grab the long board (or buy one if you don’t own one) and roll on down to the beach for a lazy afternoon. Which will turn into a lazy day. Which will become days and weeks later summer will be over before you know it and all you’ve been listening to is this song. Awesome.

Dan Bodan – Aaron 

Dan Bodan is quite probably the best new artist you’ll hear all year.  The London-based musician sounds like a more confident, less assuming Antony & The Johnsons circa I Am A Bird Now and this track proves it over and over again. His stunning vocals resonate like Antony’s do but unlike Antony, Bodan’s lyrics are timeless in a far less obvious way and are suggestively honest. “Oh Aaron/ you smell like cum and tourist dick”, he wails on top of unexpectedly perfect 80s-style saxophones. Technicalities aside, the most beautiful thing about ‘Aaron’ (and also, Bodan’s other single ‘Dp’)  is that none of it is coming from a place of pretence and that’s special. Listen to this and link all your friends.

Royston Vasie – Come On 

‘Come On’ is the first single featuring from Royston Vasie’s forthcoming debut album, Tanah Merah. Boasting smoulder vocals and rich harmonies; including Courtney Barnett and Bob Harrow’s of Immigrant Union, this is definitely a good time, top tapping, shoulder shaking tune. Catch Royston Vasie touring along the east coast of Australia this month.