Covers seem to be a small theme within our mixtape #47 with Canadian’s The Trews tackling Aussie legend Paul Kelly’s Leaps & Bounds and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart covering Magnetic Field’s ‘Jeremy’. Don’t worry we found some originals too and have new tracks from UK’s Madness, Trent Raznor’s new project How To Destroy Angels and local lads Brett Winterford and The Council.

The Trews – Leaps & Bounds

Leaps & Bounds is the first lead single from The Trews 8 track extended EP entitled “Thank You & I’m Sorry”, the track is a cover from Paul Kelly’s debut album with The Coloured Girls titled Gossip. The Trews take on the 1987 classic has a bold and ragged feel to it with consistent tones and a repetition of dynamics. The track’s diversity in comparison to the original doesn’t completely revive it’s soul with the over all feel and tempo of the track not really landing far from the original. Although a respected shot at reviving an Australian classic, unfortunately these Canadians couldn’t express Kelly’s words like the man himself.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Jeremy

‘Jeremy’, the latest release from Brooklyn’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is taken off their new 7″ which features two covers – one of ‘My Life is Wrong’ by East River Trip and of course, ‘Jeremy’ a Magnetic Fields sover. Continuing their foray into 80s inspired sounds,  ‘Jeremy’ truly does sound like it’s been taken right off a John Hughes film soundtrack. With a Bangles-esque guitar riff/ drum combo TPoBPaH’s cover is decidedly chirpier than its original counterpart. It’s not often that a cover sounds older than an original release but ‘Jeremy’ accomplishes this. Don’t let the 80s-ness put you off though; while  the sound is time-indicative, it’s never dated. Well worth checking out.

Madness – Death Of A Rude Boy

Taken from their forthcoming record Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da, ‘Death Of A Rude Boy’ sees Madness take on the familiar elements of ska and a return to form for the UK collective. A bouncing slightly held back beat drives the song, as it so often does with ska, layered with horns, guitar and percussive flourishes. A haunting melodica line runs throughout as the verses build and drop in dynamics. While it may be a familiar sound for the band, why mess with a winning formula?

How To Destroy Angels – Keep It Together

The bass-heavy new track showcases the best part of How To Destroy Angels: Mariqueen Maandig’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. The sexy-sounding track sees Maandig share some vocal duties with husband, bandmate and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Raznor. ‘Keep It Together’ is no great departure for the famed quartet but it’s none the less a strong track. Hopefully their upcoming sophomore EP An omen EP_   continues in this sexy vain.

The Council – Got A New Way

Great catchy new tune from local rockin’ two-piece The Council, ‘Got A New Way’ has all the the ingredients to become a radio hit and anthem for the rock n roll scene. Having been on the local scene for around eight years, they have definitely have not jumped on the current two-piece bandwagon…  Catch The Council launching their album at Cherry Bar in Melbourne on Saturday 20 October.

Brett Winterford – All The People

First single for Brett Winterford, ‘All The People’  features cameos from Mr Percival, Ray Mann and Kent Eastwood. It’s a fast paced and an immediately catchy toe tapping tune that is super busy, but somehow still manages to not sound over the top despite all the mandolins, pianos and mellotron, shakers, timpani and handclaps. Lyrically sweet and honest there is absolutely nothing to not like about this song.