Fast becoming one of our biggest exports we couldn’t resist featuring the Itunes bonus track ‘Led Zeppelin’ off Tame Imapla’s latest album ‘Lonerism’.  Followed on we’ve chosen great new tracks from local artists including Catherine Traicos, Sons et al, Birds Of Tokyo, City Vs Country and Colour Bomb.

Tame Impala- Led Zeppelin

After recently taking the world by storm with their newest release ‘Lonerism’, Tame Impala have released a bonus track with a digital iTunes purchase of the album. The song entitled ‘Led Zeppelin’ is reminiscent of just that.. Intertwining dirty pre-Innerspeaker fuzz guitars with that classic lo-fi drum sound the track evokes an all round revivalist perspective to the album. Singer and all round instrumentalist Kevin Parker pulls some Jackson 5 style high notes to accommodate the distorted guitar line ringing consistently through the song with a surprising lack of any synth at all (unlike every other track on the new album). If wondering or waiting for a reverbed chant of the words ‘Led Zeppelin’, one won’t come.. the name is seemingly a joke towards Parkers revivalism take on rock and roll, particularly in this bonus track.

Catherine Traicos – Dream Swim 

Australian alt-country, blues folk singer songwriter Catherine Traicos has delivered a beautifully stripped back track ‘Dream Swim’ from her forthcoming album ‘In Another Life’. Produced by Nick Huggins, he’s managed to highlight Catherine’s honest lyrics and meandering vocal delivery over the top of dreamy guitar and soothing percussion. A great taste of what’s to come from the album due for release on An Ocean Awaits Records on October 19.

Sons et al – See Me Run

This is an extremely accomplished debut single for this Melbourne five-piece and is strong show os things to come. From the moment the repetitious synth line comes in the song starts moving and only builds in momentum. The use of dynamics is really what makes this track stand out, the interplay between the staggered guitar lines and synth parts really allow the chorus to stand out. This will most definitely have the crowds singing along with fervour.

Birds Of Tokyo – This Fire 

After what seems like a very small break, Birds of Tokyo are back with the first single ‘This Fire’ from their new EP with same title giving us a little taste of what’s to come from their fourth studio album due for release in early 2013. With a softer and more textured sound but still keeping with the trademark Birds Of Tokyo pounding drums, epic guitar builds and Ian Kenny’s flawless vocal delivery this track doesn’t disappoint. 

City Vs Country – Hookers & Philosophy

Melbourne’s alternative-country rockers City Vs Country’s new single “Hookers & Philosophy” immediately draws you in with its fast-paced drums and more of their classy lyricism depicting drunken fun. Following the story is fun enough but throwing in a couple of shredding guitar solos and male harmonies polishes it off – the addictive track is just aching to be heard at a live show.

Colour Bomb – On The Run

Melbourne-based duo Colour bomb have already gotten some attention from Mr. Samples himself Wally DeBacker aka Gotye, and listening to ‘On The Run’ it’s easy to see why. Soothing male vocals by lead singer james Saunders with subtle harmonies in the background make this track memorable. The sensual-seeming lyrics compliment Saunders’ tone perfectly. With subtle inclinations of their musical influences from 80s beats to (very) subtly reggae melodies, the duo that is Colour Bomb have produced a full-sounding and perfectly rounded track made special by its musical variances and stunning vocal sound.