Here we go with our weekend mixtape featuring the first solo single from former Girls frontman, Christopher Owen and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. Announced for a early 2013 visit Dirty Projectors bring a very short but very sweet track, the first single from Melbourne five-piece Tantrums, debut single from Sydney newbies Driffs and first single from upcoming EP for UK band Cheatahs.

Christoper Owens – Here We Go

Christopher Owens certainly hasn’t been messing around since announcing the end of his main project ‘Girls’ only a few months ago. Owens now has his debut solo album ‘Lysandre’ out on January 15th, 2013, and ‘Here We Go’ is the first, lovely taste of his work behind ‘Girls’. Breaking away from the diverse sounds of ‘Girls’, the first single is a straight-out traditional folk song, with Owens’ raspy, vulnerable vocals playing over breezy acoustic guitars. The song builds with melodica and flute sounds that create extra layers, and a welcomed electric guitar entering about half way through. Owens describes the song as regarding “the excitement I felt when I was preparing to leave for tour”, and the album as a whole as “the story of a writer in a band who suddenly finds himself facing the reality of a first tour and everything that entailed; from writing alone at home, to suddenly being in a band preparing for their first out of town shows”.

Dirty Projectors – While You’re Here

Following on from the gentler, more direct approach of their latest album, Swing Lo Magellan, Dirty Projectors’ latest track – taken from the forthcoming About To Die EP – continues with their softer musical outlook. Eschewing their bizarre polyrhythms and mutated guitar lines entirely, but thankfully not Dave Longstreth’s distinctive, elastic voice. Against a bed of soft strings, Longstreth delivers a short but sweet ode to a fallen friend, purring the optimistically defiant titular refrain: “While you’re here you are alive.

 Tantrums – Maylands 

Melbourne five-piece Tantrums have released the first track from their forthcoming EP, an echoey number that begins as a simple guitar line, picking up some fuzzy electronic work and a clanging high hat to unfurl into an ambient haze. The emotive vocals grow dreamier and dreamier as the track progresses, opening with lyrics for the first verse, heightening into repetition of the word “Eden” and then soaring into singer Jade McInnelly’s eerie higher register.

Driffs – Someday

Arriving with their debut single are Driffs, four self-proclaimed Sydney slackers who seem to look within C86, psychedelia and surf for musical inspiration. The release of the lazy, hazy and melodic “Someday”, is a perfect lead in to their support dates with Bleeding Knees Club throughout November. “Someday” sees the Surrey Hills quartet unashamedly mine the indie pop canon, combining jangly, west coast guitars, almost whispered vocals and sappy lyrics. “Everything was perfect yesterday, the sun was high and you were here to stay,” they sing, earnestly. Let’s hope there’s more to come.

 Cheatahs – The Swan

Remember Swervedriver? If you loved their early records like ‘Raise’ you’ll love English band Cheatahs. ‘The Swan’ is the first single from new EP ‘Sans’ signed to Wichita Recordings in the UK and released by Liberator here also the Australian home of Alt-J. So many 90’s influences rolled into one, killer guitar riffs, washed out vocals and melody with a touch of early Dinosaur Jr, but original enough not to sound old. Do yourself a favour and listen now!