The Rubens – Don’t Ever Want To Be Found

After selling out the Northcote Social Club four nights in a row, a considerable amount of interest has been simmering about The Rubens. The first offering from their upcoming album ‘Don’t Ever Want To Be Found’ certainly indicates an affinity towards the drums of Patrick Carney from The Black Keys. While that influence is certainly present, it doesn’t detract from the song. The vocals of Sam Margin and the soulful tone of the organs make this track uniquely Rubens-esque and an exciting precursor of what’s to come.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk

After their 2009 record Manners, Passion Pit has finally graced us with new music. ‘Take A Walk’ from forthcoming record Gossamer, out in July, starts with a floaty atmospheric build to a typically catchy synth melody and a strong rhythmic emphasis on the downbeat. The momentum continues throughout the verses with a slight build toward the all-encompassing chorus revisiting the opening riff and bringing together all the elements of the band. The sort of Passion Pit we’ve come to know and love.

Emma Louise – Boy

Honest and compelling lyrics, underpinned by twinkling and ruminative synth textures compile into a pleasant and affable offering from the Queensland singer/songwriter. Boy maintains Emma Louise’s signature haunting vocal elements, but the song conveys a resoundingly more upbeat atmosphere than her 2011 hit ‘Jungle’. Compressed and fleecy electronic rhythms also add a certain dynamic to the relatively simple composition of the song, culminating to produce an unimposing and pleasant low-fi ambience.

Bushwalking – Visual Jam Doughnut

If you ever need to do a slow-motion strut in a bloodstained shirt towards your vulnerable nemesis with a shotgun in one hand and a samurai sword in the other, leading to a moment of long-awaited, sweet retribution, then this song might suit the soundtrack perfectly.

‘Visual Jam Donut’ is the first offering from new experimental Melbourne trio, Bushwalking, off their debut EP, First Time. The pounding war drums paired with harmonised calls of ‘aahhh’, give the track a dangerous edge, or definitely the idea that some bad shit is just about to go down. The distorted lo-fi surf rock licks suggest that it’ll probably be beachside.

Myth – Beach House

The lead single from the Baltimore act’s fourth album, Bloom, shimmers with their trademark dream-pop essence. Although, the growth from the critically lauded Teen Dream is evident, ‘Myth’ conveys an expansive sound with an ethereal synth gloss. Victoria Legrand captivates with her unique vocal style, complimenting the indisputable beauty of ‘Myth’.  The track opens the album, which will undoubtedly have critics once again frothing at the mouth.

Animal Collective – Honeycomb

Positively bonkers and delightfully weird, Honeycomb is from the new 7inch single, with the song ‘Gotham’ appearing alongside it. The quartet also released details of their forthcoming album earlier in the week. The follow up to 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion is entitled Centipede HZ and will be released on August 31st, check out the trippy trailer here. If Honeycomb is anything to go by than expect Animal Collective’s new album to be an off-kilter psychedelic experimentation.