A real mixtape in the sense of mixtapes today with a new track from Californian Cass McCombs, the welcome return of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, something from Melbourne sleaze gazers Grand Prismatic, a great new track from Wolf & Cub & a something new from an aussie act we haven’t heard from in some time: Sonic Animation.

Cass McCombs – Empty Promises

The usually chirpy Cass McCombs has taken a decidedly more meloncholy attitude in his latest song ‘Empty Promises’. Drawing from garage-style contemporaries, this latest tune is quite the departure from the usually folky Californian. Here’s hoping McCombs continues on the track he’s going on. He’s giving Ariel Pink and Girls a real run for their money.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds –  We No Who U R

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds need no introduction. In fact, to try would most likely cause offense.  With the success of 2008’s Dig Lazarus Dig!  many assumed it would be different for the iconic band to follow up. ‘We No Who U R’ is the first cut off the group’s  2013 impending release Push The Sky Away and if this track is any indication of what’s to come on the LP, Cave’s fans have nothing to worry about. On this first release, Cave’s simultaneously smooth and petrifying voice is softened by a soft and charming female harmony and the lyrics are true to Cave’s unique songwriting. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full album.

Grand Prismatic – I Can’t Remember

‘I Can’t Remember’ is one of the many interesting tracks from Melbourne four-piece Grand Prismatic. Their sound is mellow, eerie and grand all mixed into one as well as being delightful and whimsical in some strange way. I imagine older men wearing dark old fashioned clothing with tops hats drinking whisky and playing music with each other. Grand Prismatic are playing at December 19th at The Liberty Social in Melbourne. One to check out for sure.

Wolf & Cub – Salao

With releases in earlier in the year after some time away from the scene, Adelaide psychedelic rockers Wolf & Cub have offered a brand new single ‘Salao’ leading up to the release of their next album. There is the familiar crunching guitars accompanied by dark swirling synth sounds, however the chorus presents a slightly softer more melodic side of Wolf and Cub. ‘Salao’ shows the band can stretch out beyond their previous sound but retain the fantastic dark rock they’re known for.

Sonic Animation – I Will Be Twisted

From its cosmic introduction to its hypnotizing vocal phrases, I Will Be Twisted is about as close as you can get to a journey to outer space, without a million dollar price tag. Combining dub-esque characteristics with some marquee tranced drum pulses, the Sonicanimation creation explores the endless possibilities of the electronic genre. A professional showcase of electronic sound manipulation, the intergalactic bass thumper fluently shows off Sonicanimation’s technical and production talents.

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