Yeasayer – Henrietta

Trust cosmopolitian Brooklynites Yeasayer to follow up the kaleidoscopic pop of 2010’s Odd Blood, with a self-described “dubbed-out pseudo-science-fiction song” named after an African woman; whose death from a rare form of cancer led to a medical breakthrough. A two-part tune that begins with a synth-abetted groove before breaking down into the promised dub-inflected breakdown, over a refrain of “Oh Henrietta/we can live on forever.” A deliciously inventive slice of arch art-pop.

Devin – You’re Mine

‘You’re Mine’ has a slightly older rock n’ roll feel; dominated by guitar, fast-paced lyrics and scratchy vocals that make for a jam-packed taste of Devin’s album. This track modernises the past genre and brings it into the present, making Devin’s style an individual one. Music for those who like their rock without the bad lyrics/tacky costumes.

Purity Ring – Ungirthed

This two piece utilises electro-pop sounds to create a track that’s both energetic and relaxed. Over the music they place Megan James’ hauntingly high vocals which produces something that’s not quite pop, not quite, electric but a great combination of the two. Although ‘Ungirthed’ has a dance feel, it has also got that mellow edge.

The Trouble with Templeton – Someday Soon

The first noticeable aspect of ‘Someday Soon’ is the persuasive voice of Thomas Calder. Opening with the lyrics, ‘I’d sell my soul for a dime or two’, he makes it believable, using emotion and tone of the vocals to drive the track. The Trouble with Templeton doesn’t try and be overly fancy, relying on guitar and vocals to showcase Calder’s capacity and personal experience through his lyrics and production.

Shady Lane – Convenient Face Hinge

‘Convenient Face Hinge’ contains a drum beat that draws in listeners, as well as adding some synthetic sounds, and then tops it off with a bit of a guitar melody. The mash-up of music conveys a sneaky futuristic feel that pops up every now and then, as well as oozing a rock vibe throughout. This instrumental experiments with a few different genres pulled into one crazed mix.

Lisa Mitchell – Spiritus

Miss Mitchell is back with her husky, sweet toned voice. Not sure if it’s just me, but I get a Little Mermaid ‘Under The Sea’ sense at the beginning of the track with the piano melody. ‘Spiritus’ brings a fun, cheerful feel to begin Mitchell’s new album of the same name. Reminiscent of her earlier tracks but with a more lively sound, it’s bound to be one that gets stuck in your head.