The Afghan Whigs – See And Don’t See

The Afghan Whigs first song in 5 years is a down tempo acoustic tale of loss and woe. Structurally and instrumentally this song is about as basic as you can get, with a softly strummed acoustic guitar underpinned by a constant organ drone. The essence of this track lies in its powerful lyrical sentiment and vocal melody. If you’re feeling depressed and love it, give this one a listen.

Bloods – Goodnight

Take the whimsical lyrical styling of Best Coast and add them to the distorted punk guitars of The Ramones and you have Sydney trio Bloods. Sure, it’s not that simple but gives you a good idea. Themes of drunken house parties on a Saturday night and other adolescent frivolities dominate their new single ‘Goodnight’. It’s catchy, youthful, full of fuzz guitars, and most of all emphasizes Bloods penchant for fun above anything else.

The Go Roll Your Bones – I Don’t Care

Sydney scuzz-rockers The Go Roll Your Bones are set to release their second EP shortly. Building on their Birthday Party/ Scientists swampy take on punk, the four boys have expanded their palette across the EP. At times they venture into A Place to Bury Strangers territory with driving rhythms and a more textural approach to their production. Geordie Cargill’s vocals are prime as well, and nowhere is that shown better than on ‘I Don’t Care’. It’s classic Go Roll Your Bones; all swagger and sleaze. You can find all the tracks off their new EP online, hopefully the physical launch isn’t too far away!

Ty Segall and White Fence – Time

Ty Segall and White fence turn their garage rockin’ revivalism gaze to Neil Young on this cut from their Drag City collaborative LP. The songs kicks off with a comical, church chanting count in before settling into a laid back ‘On The Beach’ era groove. Laden with reverb drenched vocals from the pair, the song strikes that perfect balance between then and now; before launching into an outro as ballsed-out as you’d expect from these garage rocker heavyweights.

Winter People – Gallons

Building from thundering drums and affecting violins, ‘Gallons’ reaches its climax with electric guitars and backing vocals in tow. ‘Gallons’ is the title track from the six piece outfits latest EP, with their debut album planned for release later this year. With vocals reminiscent of The Panics’ Jae Laffer, the Sydney band have crafted a folk song teeming with energy.

All the Colours – Love Like This 

Lead singer Josh Moriaty takes a few steps away from the Electro-pop of his other band Miami Horror for what they call “progressive vintage pop”. ‘Love Like This’ opens with choir vocals before an infectious guitar hook greets you. Moriaty’s vocals are far more raw and exposed compared to the polished edge they have on Miami Horror’s tracks. Layered with horns and organs the chorus is undeniably an ear-worm that quickly finds its way to your brain. The four piece are expected to release their debut later this year.