Synth heavyweights, The Night Terrors, have come out with a brand new release  that is dark, gloomy and will have you transported to a mysterious, scary place.

The Melbourne three-piece have produced six quality tracks and lovers of keys – analogue and digital alike – will fully appreciate the mix of dark, synth magic.

Monster/Lasers For Eyes is more warped and provides a broader range of synth compared to their previous styles of work which was not as skewed and varied as these tracks.

The track ‘Lasers for Eyes’, is the standout track of the album, venturing into a more psychedelic-electronic style, it’s mesmerising and well mixed.

‘The Monster’ and ‘Monster Walking’ are both pretty well mixed and are well worth a listen, but for a six-track release a few more standout tracks are to be expected.

The synthesised music lends itself to be remixed with some lyrical additions, which would have justified how good a release this could’ve been.

The release is not perfect though, it lacks some variety as a whole album. But the band does provide some professionally put together pieces and they prove they have mastered the dark-synth style.

– Shannon Wood