Yesterday, the band that fly the flag for classic rock more than any other band in the country, Airbourne, released their heartfelt tribute to the late great Motörhead frontman and one true rock god Lemmy Kilmister.

The tribute came in the form of a new video accompanying their single ‘It’s All For Rock And Roll’, which summed up Lemmy with lyrics like “He did it all, not for you and me, but rock and roll…” and, “No sleep ’til death, his ghost still haunts the stage.” The video featured Motörhead’s own ‘bomber’ lighting rig, and was intercut with classic footage of the band and their iconic frontman.

Now, Motörhead have responded to the gesture, shouting Airbourne out on the ‘Official Motörhead’ Facebook page, which Music Feeds report is upheld by the band’s drummer (and now the Scorpions drummer) Mikkey Dee.

“We really like this,” they posted to their fans on Facebook. “Thank you Airbourne, for this spine chilling tribute.”

Lemmy had of course shared a stage with Airbourne on various tours throughout the years, and even appeared in their 2007 video for ‘Runnin’ Wild’, so Airbourne were shaken as much as anyone by the legend’s passing in 2015.

Airbourne frontman Joel O’Keefe has summed up the band’s feelings outside of their lyrics, too, describing the “black hole” Lemmy’s death left in the music world.

“When Motörhead played, Lemmy was there for the fans and the fans were there for him,” he says. “It didn’t matter what was happening in the world at that point, because Motörhead was onstage; the crew had everything dialled in, and the crowd were there and lovin’ it – all for rock ‘n’ roll…

“Whenever we were on tour, we looked forward to seeing the festival posters with the big Motörhead logo on there, and now there’s just a big black hole. ‘We are Motörhead, and we play rock ‘n’ roll’, we were so used to hearing that, and when it’s not there anymore, it hits you hard…

“Lemmy meant so much to us, and so much to rock ‘n’ roll itself…”

Premiering over on iMotorhead, you can watch the full video right here.