It’s not easy being green, with trashbag extraordinaire Courtney Love setting her sights firmly on Kermit the Frog and his gang of Muppet friends accusing them of ‘raping’ the memory of her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The dispute centres on the recent film reboot of the franchise that featured a number of musicians and their music including Flight Of The Conchords Bret McKenzie who won an Oscar for his work. Also included is Nirvana’s classic track ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which Love told TMZ is a bastardisation and used without her permission.

In the movie the song is sung by a barbershop quartet of Sam the Eagle, Rowlf the Dog, Hogthrob and Beaker, with producers decided to tone down some of the more risque lyrics to make then suitable for the family-orientated audience.

Love has a long history of dispute over who owns the rights to Cobain’s work and that of his band Nirvana. Late last year she admitted to committing credit card fraud to undermine Dave Grohl who she says was spending up big on his Nirvana Inc credit card condemning her relatives to living under a bridge.

But it turns out that although Love thinks she has the absolute power to approve or nix the use of Nirvana’s music for commercial purposes, she actually sold those rights to a company called Primary Wave Music and gave them the exclusive right to distribute Nirvana’s entire catalog.

Besides, the surviving members of Nirvana, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, the later of which actually appeared in the film, had already given their approval for the cover to go ahead.

We’re going to go ahead and add this to the never ending pile of smack talk Love seems to spew out every couple of weeks. She’s been in the media recently for a range of antics including pulling off the Soundwave Festival in 2012 because Limp Bizkit were billed above her, claiming that her late husband Kurt Cobain tried to kill himself three times as a result of over $250 million being stolen from the couple, and that is just the beginning.

Her estranged daughter Frances Bean also recently accused her of killing the two family pets – the cat died after getting entangled in piles of fabrics, boxes of paperwork, trash and other possessions accumulated by Love and the dog died after it swallowed a pile of pills Love had left lying around.