The closure of the News of The World newspaper in the wake of shocking allegations of phone hacking has been enjoyed by many musicians, particularly in the UK, where they were often on the receiving end of the newspaper’s sharp tongue. The twitter accounts of many stars lit up at the news that the 168 year old tabloid was preparing its final edition as the scandal threatens Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire and even the British Government.

George Michael, for many years the subject of NOTW attacks and bile couldn’t resist sharing his delight, tweeting “Hey boyz and girls, a message to my English fans in particular. Today is a fantastic day for Britain.” He followed this up with a series of additional tweets, saying “”These beliefs are in no way an excuse for any of my behavior in recent times. I was happy to do my time, because I was so ashamed.But… I believe every individual, whether privileged or the average citizen, deserves the law. And many of us rich or poor have been denied it by News International.”

Lily Allen, another star who has long been a NOTW favourite, couldn’t resist having a crack at embattled News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks, who is fighting calls for her resignation, saying “Rebekah Brooks must have something on the Murdochs, or she gave them a really nice Christmas present.”

Folk punk troubadour Billy Bragg also weighed in, tartly pointing out that people shouldn’t feel worried about the sacked NOTW journalists, tweeting “Don’t worry about NotW journalists. Everyone knows the unemployed get 5 room houses from council and £50k a year in benefits.” He later clarified his point, when a journalist at another tabloid complained, saying “Just making a point about the tabloids constant lies about how cushy it is to be unemployed.”

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