DEEPER – music video performed by Naomi Braun
Directed by Who By Fire

Melbourne based singer-songwriter and music producer Naomi Braun is an extraordinary young woman with an outstanding ear for music and world-class songwriting abilities. A milkshake of soul, dub, hip-hop, electro and spoken word, her new album ‘Through The Devils Wood’ is a collection of 11 beat-driven pop songs, that have a strong cinematic appeal in their production values.

People often liken Naomi’s vocal abilities to that of Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, Portishead, M.I.A or Santogold and the album has production styles akin to that of Massive Attack. Acting as the dynamite director behind her new independent full-length album, Naomi has been hard at work producing the album in her home studio in Melbourne and collaborating with various filmmakers and well-known musicians.

Naomi has collaborated with Sly  and Robbie; Jamaican reggae music extrodinaires who have worked with No Doubt, Grace Jones, Madonna and the Fugees to name just a few. So taken by her music after discovering her online, Sly and Robbie contacted Naomi through Myspace and provided her with some beats that were later developed in to the song, Through the Devils Wood, inspiring the album title.

Catch Naomi her band  at  The Toff in town on July 26th.

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