Some pretty exciting news for Neil Finn fans right here, as the Crowded House hero has announced that he’s about to start putting his next album together, but this time he wants to bring his fans into the studio with him.

In a video posted to Twitter this arvo, Finn reveals that Out Of Silence will feature plenty of special guests, but most interesting is that he’ll be opening his studio up via live-stream every Friday throughout the recording process, and bringing in his guests to workshop the album live for an audience at home.

Better yet, he’ll be taking feedback on how the album is shaping up, making for a truly interactive recording process on the way to one final live-streamed session that will see everyone come together to record the whole album in a few hours.

“You can all watch, listen as we lay it down in about three hours. It’s all gonna happen in this room, we’ll be fun,” he says. “Good people, good sounds. Watch us make it. Watch it develop, follow the progress. See you there.”

Neil’s been making music for decades now (his last album being 2014’s Dizzy Heights) and it’s genuinely cool to see a music legend of his years taking the apparently ‘outdated’ idea of an album, and melding it with modern tech.

Check out his announcement below.